Celebrate Your Anniversaries with a TWIST!

Each year you and your spouse will get a chance to celebrate your love on your wedding anniversary. The good news is, it’s very rewarding to be able to take some time out to reflect on your past as a couple, the present moment and where you are headed. If you do not like to plan, or you’re not big on gift giving anniversaries can sometimes seem like a chore instead.

There are a multitude of ways that you two can celebrate, so don’t get hung up on what everyone else does. Your celebrations should connect to the two of you, as well as elements that are special within your union. The best anniversary gifts and celebrations truly come from within, from the heart.

Here are some traditional gifts that can get your brain working before the next anniversary time sneaks up on you!

1st Year–Paper

2nd Year–Cotton

3rd Year–Leather

4th Year–Fruit & Flowers

5th Year–Wood

6th Year–Candy

7th Year–Copper & Wool

8th Year–Bronze

9th Year–Pottery

10th Year–Tin

Read future years’ traditional gifts here! This site also has some great twists on ways to execute the traditional wedding anniversary gifts.

Now that you have ideas of where to start with gifts if you would like to go the traditional route, remember that what you decide to give can start with the traditional material(s) and expand to something that is unique and special to your spouse. There is also an opportunity to plan how you actually celebrate.

Over the weekend, I met a YMH wife and she and her husband are coming up on their 1 year anniversary. They have decided to start a tradition for how they celebrate their wedding anniversary. Not only are they planning to take a trip every year, they plan pick their destination by going in the order of the alphabet. I thought this idea was very cool and fun! It requires them to get their creative juices flowing and experience different places together that they may have not considered. However you choose to celebrate will generate new memories for you and your spouse that will last over time.

Whatever you decide to give, and however you decide to celebrate never lose sight of the reason behind your gift(s) and celebration.

Peace, Love & Blessings!

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